The Last Train to Rock and Roll


The Last Train to Rock and Roll

The story of “The Last Train to Rock and Roll” stems from the yearning for success, something very common in rock bands and an emotional gap that band contests such as “Clash of Rockstars” in this film take advantage of.
The film, which draws from 80’s-90’s classics like “RETURN TO THE FUTURE” or DETROIT ROCK CITY. After its screening in Sitges, it has confirmed its presence, among other festivals, at the Molins Terror Festival and at Isla Calavera, Tenerife’s fantastic film festival.

“The last Call”, a band of 40-something rockers has been a finalist in a battle of the bands for the first time in their unproductive career. Today is the day of the final but the singer and the sound technician are mysteriously missing.

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Technical Info

Title El Último Tren al Rock and Roll
Direction: Ignacio Malagón
Screenplay: Jordi Jimeno, Ignacio Malagón, Isaac Pérez
Cast: Adriana Galo, Jordi Jimeno, Bruno Martín, Javier Martínez, Mbaka Oko, Isaac Pérez, Daniel Serra, Sergi Estella, Alberto Trejo
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 98 min.
Age rating: Pending