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#ConUnPack is a Spanish distributor specialized in “truly independent” cinema. Founded in 2016 by Hugo Serra and JJ Montero, who accumulated several years of experience in the sectors of production, consulting, marketing, audiovisual communication and film distribution. #ConUnPack accompanies projects from their genesis to their exploitation in theaters, VOD, home video, cultural and educational circuits, TVs, as well as the supervision of international sales or international exploitation on Amazon Prime Video, working “side by side” with producers. The goal is to explore all avenues of exploitation and get the most out of each film. In the words of its founders: – “At #ConUnPack, we are different, proactive and transparent. We like to make our films shine.

The truly independent producer rarely finds support from traditional distributors, both in the development phase and the search for financing, as well as during filming. After the hard process of production and completion of the film, the producer has to start a desperate search for distributors to consider its commercial release. Most of the time, without success.

The key to #ConUnPack is to group the different stages involved in distribution: Creation of strategy, production consultancy, necessary legal procedures (ICAA, etc), press and communication, marketing, booking management in theaters, sales work in cultural circuits and TVs and active search for international sales agent. #ConUnPack is the distribution company that the most intrepid and independent producers in Spain have been waiting for.

From #ConUnPack we always give an adequate response to the challenges posed by each film. For #ConUnPack it is essential to create a working model in harmony with the producer. So that both parties work in a framework of proactivity, transparency, cordiality and always in favor of the film.

Why #ConUnPack


Totally in tune with the producer

Since its birth, #ConUnPack has wanted to implement a new working model in the distribution of independent films.

#ConUnPack comes to the market to meet the urgent need to find an alternative and solvent distribution for a large number of film productions, which are left out of the system of large distributors, in an increasingly polarized and constantly changing audiovisual landscape.

A more sustainable distribution

#ConUnPack aims at the permanent search for a more effective distribution, a #SustainableDistribution. Extending the commercial life of films with staggered releases, a number of copies according to the most realistic prospects possible and doing a strong work in the cultural circuit, VOD and televisions. The goal is to find the right balance between investment and return in the different exploitation windows. Since 2019, #ConUnPack, as a Valued Prime Video Provider, started the exploitation on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO of its entire catalog and titles from other distributors, incorporating this platform within the national (and even international) release strategy of some of its films. In 2022, we launched FILM&CO and Must See MoviES! two ad-supported television channels specializing in truly independent films, which complete our commitment to AVOD
The challenge is to maximize the global projection and economic return of films.

Internacional Sales

#ConunPack International Sales is a Spanish sales agency composed of experts with a solid background in film production, distribution, sales and promotion.

We are proud to specialize in truly independent films. We focus on fiction films, documentaries and series, which we usually also distribute in Spain.

At #ConUnPack International Sales we believe in the transformative power of genuine and bold stories that we have been empowering and marketing over the years. The productions we represent have been acclaimed at prestigious festivals such as SXSW, Tribeca, Malaga,… or distributed to multiple territories, being recognized for their quality, freshness and authenticity.

The essence of #ConunPack International Sales is innovation and sustainability. We are an agency that does not go to all markets in person, as this is unsustainable for the products we represent. We do this work in a different and more organic way: we work as a team with the producer, we look for synergies, we optimize resources and we add direct modalities of exploitation, even little used, to achieve the best results, always tailored to each project.

The Talent Pack

In 2018 and 2019 took place the pitch and go initiative called “The Talent Pack” where the winning project got with a distribution pre-contract from #ConUnPack, to help its funding and start-up. In 2020 and 2021 the initiative was postponed due to the pandemic, being planned to resume in 2022



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We use all possible communication mechanisms, but for a first approach with us or any question, request or suggestion we prefer email. Write us at info[@]conunpack.com and tell us about your film.

If you are a buyer, programmer or you are part of an association, community or NGO and you are interested in acquiring, programming or organizing the screening of one of our films, the best thing to do is to contact us by phone: +34 91 003 95 56.

If you have projects in development, financing, shooting or finished, looking for distribution and/or international sales, please use the form to send them to us. However, we cannot guarantee a response to all projects received.

Of course we have social networks where you can follow us (and we will probably do the same).

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