The Tears of Africa


The Tears of Africa

  • “THE TEARS OF AFRICA” is a social documentary about immigration and refugees, directed by the Valencian filmmaker Amparo Climent.
    Amparo Climent, disgusted by the shame of seeing the drama of immigration and migratory movements, wanted to “do something”. With no more experience than her artistic concerns and experiences – her years painting pictures, in front of the cameras and stepping on the stage as an actress – and faced with the passivity of the Spanish government and the insensitivity she decided to leave everything around her, she picked up a camera and denounced what she saw, first in the Spanish and European news, and then in front of her eyes. The drama of migratory movements from Africa to the European miracle.Amparo Climent is not a heroine, she is a committed European citizen. That is why “The Tears of Africa” is more than a documentary, it is a visual “testimony” narrated in first person, which works when seen in a room, dedicating 70 minutes of our valuable time to it.The film, released since September 8, 2016, through the campaign “Amadrina Un Pase”, has garnered much interest and great success in its screenings, both in cinemas, as in the on-demand mode or special screenings organized by different NGOs, associations and entities.

Technical Info

Produced by Amparo Climent
Directed by Amparo Climent
70 minutos
Not recommended for children under 7 years old.