My Secret Functions


My Secret Functions

After its passage through the Atlantida Mallorca Film Fest 2021, comes the best Swiss comedy of the year inspired by the 1989 espionage scandal. The film evokes the great spirit of ‘Good Bye Lenin!’ and ‘The Lives of Others’.It received 3 nominations at the Swiss Film Awards, where Miriam Stein won the award for Best Actress.
Autumn 1989: while the wall is about to fall in Berlin, the secret police are keeping an eye on hundreds of thousands of people in Switzerland. Viktor, a well-behaved policeman, is infiltrated undercover at the Schauspielhaus in Zurich by his superior Marogg to gather information about the left-wing people in the theater. When he falls in love with the actress Odile, the person he is to observe, there is no turning back: he must decide between his mission and his heart.
Exclusive release on Filmin November 12th! 


Technical Info

Title Mis Funciones Secretas (One way to Moscow!)
Direction: Micha Lewinsky
Cast: Eva Bay, Phillippe Graber, Miriam Stein, Mike Müller
Genre: Comedia
Duration: 99 min.
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 12 years of age.