Paradise Resort


Paradise Resort


Eva and Pablo are going through the worst moment of their lives. Marked by a tragedy they cannot overcome, without a job and without a home, they hide in the hotel where Eva works, closed for the winter season. She has all the access codes and a plan to go unnoticed, but they are soon discovered by Saul, one of the security guards, who will not miss the opportunity to have fun and make it clear who is in charge. The hotel thus becomes a cage and Eva and Pablo their prey. However, when two people have nothing to lose, they can only win.

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Technical Info

Title Paradise Resort
Direction: Enrique García
Cast: Rafa Castillo, Virginia Díaz Morata, Héctor Medina, Nora Aguirre, Susana Almahano
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 84 min.
Age rating: Not recomended for children under 18 years of age