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A hypnotic film full of humor. The big screen debut of Yanet García, a well-known presenter in Mexico.

Sócrates and Capi are two car drivers who find themselves in a rally competition. Unexpectedly, the couple gets lost and ends up in a clearing in the middle of a mountain. Far from being uninhabited, this location turns out to be a Beauty Technification Center.

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Technical Info

Title Bellezonismo
Direction and screenplay: Jorge Arencón Edo
Cast: Yanet García, Armando Del Río Guillén, Elvira Herrera, Raúl Herrera, Coral González, Miguel Cazorla, Ariadna Cabrol Espinal, Soledad Lasta
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 98 min.
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 16 years of age