Birdsong is a European look at the Japanese aesthetics that fascinates so much, full of mystery, elegance and surrealism where the “Kitsch” merges with reality in an unparalleled tale. Its director, Hendrik Willemyns, makes his directorial debut in this film where he mixes animation with real image to show the darker side of the music industry.

Tokyo. Asuka, a young cleaning lady working the night shift, is willing to pay a high price to achieve her dream of becoming a music star. She manages to perform on a TV talent show, but all her sacrifices fail when she is accused of murder and is forced to reveal all the details of the dark path she has followed until then.

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Technical Info

Title Birdsong
Direction: Hendrik Willemyns
Cast: Kazuhiko Kanayama, Natsuko Kobayashi, Akaji Maro, Shinji Matsubayashi, Takamasa Suga
Genre: Thriller psicológico
Duration: 90 min.
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 16 years of age