Backstage, the international comedy of Basque production, has as great references the B movies, Wes Anderson’s films and the series “Extras”, “The Office” and “Paquita Salas”. A mockumentary, full of comedy, with a group of exceptional actors, which tells the story of Ivana and her race to fulfill her dream of directing her first series.
Ivana is a young director with a dream: to make her first fiction series… space. Everything seems to be going “swimmingly” when her mother (the executive producer) gets her the best series platform for its premiere and recruits a team to start shooting. What Ivana doesn’t know is that the platform has no knowledge of the project and its team leaves much to be desired. The shooting begins and what can go wrong, goes wrong and to Ivana’s bad luck, everything is recorded from the Backstage.
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Ficha Técnica

Title Backstage
Direction: Gastón Haag
Screenplay: Gastón Haag, Lander Múgica
Cast: Yune Vilanova, Gemma Martinez, Zorion Eguileor, Gastón Haag, Izazkun Zubillaga, Ibon Belandia, Asier Batiz
Genre: Comedy miniseries
Duration: 55 min (11 min per episode)

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