The Paradox of Antares


The Paradox of Antares

Written and directed by Luis Tinoco, it has won awards at the Spanish Independent Film Awards Blogos de Oro (Best Film and Best Screenplay) and at festivals such as Fantastic Gijón (Best Film). It was produced by the visual effects studio Onirikal Studio, who has returned to film production after the success of the multi-award winning sci-fi short film Caronte .


Alexandra, a scientist on duty at a radio telescope, receives a signal that could answer one of humanity’s most momentous questions. She only has a couple of hours to verify it, but an unexpected family problem will force her to fight a dramatic internal struggle in a race against the clock to unveil one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

Technical Info

Title The Paradox of Antares
Direction and screenplay Luis Tinoco
Genre Science fiction, Drama
Cast Andrea Trepat, Aleida Torrent, Jaume de Sans, David Ramírez, Ferran Vilajosana, Dermot Arrigan, Christian Avilés, Helena Carrión, Luis de Sannta
Year 2022