Nato 0. The Origin of Evil


Nato 0. The Origin of Evil

In this thriller, a killer is on the loose on the main streets of New York killing without any kind of pattern or victim profile. An expert professor in Criminology collaborates in the investigations with a homicide police inspector of the Big Apple. A chase for life or death between cabs to discover the criminal as soon as possible because no one knows who will be his next victim.


Technical Info

Title Nato 0. The Origin of Evil
Direction: Gon Crespo
Screenpaly: José F. Ortuño. Historia: Gon Crespo, Rafael Oliver
Cast: Carlos Olalla, Jesús Castro, Lucía Guerrero, Geraldine Torres, John De Luca, Javier Alcina, Rebeca Torres, Marina Crespo
Genre: Thriller
Year: 2023