10 Years with Bebe


10 Years with Bebe

An intimate, profound portrait of one of the most talented and unique artists of Spanish and Latin culture in recent times, Bebe.

On the tenth anniversary of the release of the album “Pafuera Telarañas”, the artist Bebe embarks on an acoustic tour of numerous stages in Latin America and Spain. A return to her origins, when she started with her guitar playing in bars in Madrid. A close experience, unprecedented, that will allow us to know Bebe in depth, on and off stage along the flights, press conferences, hotel rooms, composition processes, meetings with fans and other artists. An intimate portrait of a unique personality, whose songs have touched millions of people around the world.

Available on Filmin, PlayPack | Sala Cero, Amazon Prime Video and FlixOlé. 

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Technical Info

Title 10 Years with Bebe
Direction: Hernán Zin
Interventions: Pablo Alborán, Bebe, Omar Colado, Fernando Colomo, José Luis Crespo, Ricardo Darín, Toni Garrido, Óscar Jaenada, Najwajean, Javier Liñán, Mabel Lozano, Nacho López
Genre: Documental
Duration: 80 min.
Age rating: Suitable for all audiences