WOMEN, by Coque Malla


WOMEN, by Coque Malla

A journey through the life of the musician Coque Malla with songs and women as absolute protagonists. Intimate rehearsals, confidences, complicity and creative passion that culminates with the recording of the album “Mujeres”.

In the manner of Marcello Mastroianni in Federico Fellini’s film “Eight and a half”, and with the collaboration of his close friend, filmmaker Antonio Dyaz, who acts as satirical confessor and critic of the singer, Coque Malla reviews his life, his loves, and his recent paternity through the music and the eyes of ten female artists of very different ages.

“Women, by Coque Malla” is released in movie theaters for a limited time on January 18, 2019.

PlayMax: https://playmax.mx/mujeres-de-coque-malla-f83890

Technical Info

Title WOMEN, by Coque Malla
Genre Documentary
Year 2018
Duration 85 minutes
Language Spanish (Castellano)
Rating Suitable for all audiences.