Cowardly Lovers



Director Carmen Blanco’s directorial debut is ‘Los amores cobardes’, a romantic drama starring Blanca Parés, Ignacio Montes, Anna Coll Miller, Tusti de las Heras, Agustín Otón, David Mora and with a script also signed by Carmen Blanco. The film will be screened at the Malaga International Film Festival, where it will have its world premiere. The film is centered on Eva, a strong and independent young woman who returns to her hometown to spend the summer vacations. Her mother and Gema, her only and unconditional friend, are waiting for her there. What Eva did not expect is to meet Rubén, who used to be her best friend until one day the boy decided to cut off contact unexpectedly. No explanations. No goodbyes and a series of questions that Eva will now expect to see answered.


Technical Data

  • Produced by: Abismo Films.
  • Directed by: Carmen Blanco.
  • Cast: Blanca Parés, Ignacio Montes, Tusti de las Heras, Anna Coll Miller.
  • 97 minutos
  • Pending rating.

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