El Que Sabem (What We Know)


El Que Sabem (What We Know)

Sometimes you need to come back to know you’ve left. Jordi Núñez’s debut feature film.

Carla, a young waitress at a beach restaurant who dreams of a better life, is invited to spend an afternoon at the beach with Victor, a handsome classmate, and his peculiar friends. An immediate attraction arises between the two, increasingly intense and deep, that will change their lives forever.


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Technical Info

Title El Que Sabem (What We Know)
Direction and screenplay: Jordi Núñez
Producer: Pegatum Transmedia
Genre: Drama
Cast: Nakarey, Javier Amann, Fran Morales, Mauro Cervera, Rosita Amores, Kino Gil, Marga Castells, Laura Beneyto, Tania Fortea
Year: 2021
Rating: Not recommended for children under 16 years of age