I didn’t know how to lose you


I didn’t know how to lose you

  • Lucia’s perfect life falls apart the night she is abused by her husband. Her job success as a psychologist, the stability of her perfect family and the supposed happiness that should rule her life, disappear and give way to a deep and darkly sensual emptiness.

    That cursed night she crosses paths with Yann, a radiant and seductive young man who suffers from his own success with women. He seeks to fill his particular void with a different kind of love, perhaps impossible, that will drive the ghosts of a stormy family past from his mind.

    The family and friends of these two characters intertwine in a mosaic of love, secrets and revenge, in which -narrated as a thriller- delves into the consequences and collateral damage of gender violence.

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Technical Info

Produced by Lovetheframe P.C.
Directed by Manuel Benito de Valle
Cast: Marisol Membrillo, Anibal Soto, Hieman Casado y Elena Larios
94 minutes
Pending rating.