Moz And I


Moz And I

Le Nuit is a reference in the indie scene and has been a key figure for the expansion of national bands in Barcelona in the late 90’s. “Moz And I” portrays the life of this great DJ, from the point of view of his most endearing fan.

Music documentary that describes the fan phenomenon through the life of DJ Luis Le Nuit (Barcelona), the most unconditional and endearing fan of Steven Patrick Morrissey (former leader of The Smiths). From this relationship, the documentary explores Le Nuit’s personal evolution as a DJ and Morrissey’s musical career, as well as the transformation of Barcelona’s indie scene.

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Technical Info

Title Moz And I
Direction and screenplay: Edgar Burgos
Interpreters: Luis Le Nuit
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 61 min.
Age rating: Suitable for all audiences