The Current (Ibiza Blue)


The Current (Ibiza Blue)

International festival premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival 2023.

July 2020. The lives of three young professionals intersect in post-pandemic Ibiza, where they will try to overcome their personal tragedies, rediscover themselves and move forward.


Technical Info

Title The Current (Ibiza Blue)
Direction: Jesus Lloveras
Screenplay: Joan Lloveras Mora, Jesus Lloveras
Cast: Jesus Lloveras, Gonzalo Bouza, Alicia Lorente, Lili Lloveras Wang, Nikol Kollars, Alicia Fernández, Victor Solé, Ainara Landon, Juan Frendsa, Ferran Lahoz, Sebastián Montecino
Genre: Drama, Romance
Year: 2023