The Spanish One, De Torres One


The Spanish One, De Torres One

The guitar maker who changed the world of the guitar, Antonio de Torres, is a figure to vindicate and that is what makes this documentary so artisanal and familiar. It has the participation of important personalities from different fields around his figure as doctors in organology or musical sciences, historians, researchers, flamencologists, luthiers, guitarists, etc..

“La Española. La de Torres” tells the story of the unknown inventor of today’s guitar, Antonio de Torres Jurado. A carpenter born into a humble family in Almeria in 1817, he achieved universal fame in the mid-19th century, changing the construction model for national guitar schools around the world and perpetuating it to the present day. The filmmakers Fran López Montoro and Raúl Enrique Navarro, great-great-grandchildren of the luthier, have traveled around Europe, interviewing personalities from different fields around his figure, building a fine audiovisual instrument about the Spanish guitar.

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Technical Info

Title The Spanish One, De Torres One
Direction: Fran López Montoro, Raúl Enrique Navarro
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 85 min.
Age rating: Suitable for all audiences.