With Humor for the Music


With Humor for the Music

 This documentary is a retrospective of the 25th anniversary of the Andalusian group “No me pises que llevo chanclas” and what happened 30 years ago in Spanish rock, music with humor.

Through a concert of the group No me pises que llevo chanclas, with guest artists who have influenced their musical and emotional life, the life of this group and the history of humorous music made in Spain is told.

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Technical Info

Title With Humor for the Music
Direcction and screenplay: Álvaro Begines
Interpreters: Pepe Begines, Álvaro Begines, Pepe Lineros, Salvador Romero, Teo Cardalda, Kiko Veneno, Pablo Carbonell, Alfonso Aguado
Genre: Documentary
Duratiotn: 72 min.
Age rating: Suitable for all audiences


With Humor for the Music