BARATOmetrajes 2.0


BARATOmetrajes 2.0

  • BARATOmetrajes 2.0 is a transmedia project about low budget films, new production/distribution/exhibition initiatives and the general situation of films made in Spain. It is captained by Hugo Serra and Daniel San Román, along with Rosa Cabrera and has been active since 2012.

    BARATOmetrajes 2.0 is a “more than a documentary” that radiographs the most invisible Spanish cinema. It gives prominence and voice to filmmakers of low-budget films, cultural promoters who do things differently, distribution and exhibition professionals who are reinventing the models, as well as journalists, critics and the public in the street.

    It is a portrait of the current situation of cinema, from this perspective, with ideas of what the future of cinema made in Spain could be like.

    The film has had an excellent reception at festivals and has been presented at numerous events and film schools, serving as a tutorial and starting point for debates and a better understanding of how the world of cinema works.

Technical Info

Produced by Hugo Serra and Cutfilms
Directed by Daniel San Román and Hugo Serra
88 minutos
Not recommended for children under seven years of age