• Shevernatze is one of the cultJonás Bargueño (Jesús Noguero), a driving school teacher, decides to drive from Madrid to Ávila in reverse, with the intention of impressing and winning back his ex-girlfriend, María (Melani Olivares). Jonás’ journey, at night and through deserted secondary roads, changes direction when he picks up a very peculiar old man (Saturnino García), who is exaggeratedly sympathetic to his feat and forces him to continue to the end. On the other hand, on the same road, Maria is going to live an exciting exchange of partners with Leo (Roberto Alamo), her lover. The two stories and a dangerous arsonist intersect to tell, in a very serious tone, a very, very curious “road movie”.

    SHEVERNATZE is a cult film and “truly SHEVERNATZE has been a production and distribution epic for years and was awarded in several festivals. SHEVERNATZE is the battle cry of the protagonist of this peculiar story. SHEVERNATZE is now available to reach more audiences. SHEVERNATZE is you. 😉

Technical Info

Title Shevernatze
Directed by Pablo Palazón
Genre Science fiction, Drama
Not recommended for children under seven years of age.