Ramoncín. A Life On The Edge


Ramoncín. A Life On The Edge

This essential documentary portrays the true story of Ramoncín, a unique figure whose music and personality have marked the history of rock music in Spain.

“Ramoncín. A Life On The Edge” tells in detail the different stages that have been part of the life of Ramoncín, one of the most important rock singers of Spanish music. From his origins in the Madrid neighborhood of Delicias to his start in the world of music as a singer, to continue with his leap to fame, his musical successes, his facet as a television presenter, his media controversies or his fight for the author’s rights. Narrated by Ramón himself, friends and acquaintances, the film is also a living history of the social and cultural transformation of Spain during the more than 40 years that the artist has been active.

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Technical Data

Title Ramoncín. A Life On The Edge
Direction and screenplay: Alberto Ortega
Interventions: Ramoncín, José María Sanz “Loquillo”, Antonio Resines, Santiago Segura, Juan Echanove, Jesús Bonilla, Antonio Giménez Rico, Teddy Bautista, Daniel J. Travanti, Carla Antonelli, Miguel Ríos, Ignasi Vidal, Jesús Ordovás, José María Íñigo, Mónica Naranjo
Genre: Documental
Duration: 71 min.
Age rating: Suitable for all audiences