We Don’t Like Captain Morcilla!


We Don’t Like Captain Morcilla!

The voices that were present in the “Golden Age of Spanish Software” tell their experience in this docuemntal and review the beginnings of this industry in the country and the history of the creation and development of the mythical game Captain Seville.

A return to the origins of the video game industry in Spain. Through the story of the creation of the video game “Captain Seville”, we talk about the “Golden Age of Spanish Software”, the remakes, the decline and rebirth of the 8 bits and the future of development in our country.

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PlayMax: https://playmax.mx/no-nos-gusta-capitan-morcilla-la-edad-dorada-del-software-espanol-f46935

Technical Info

Title We Don’t Like Captain Morcilla!
Direction and screenplay: Antonio Garcia, Ángel Tirado
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 64 min.
Age rating: Suitable for all audiences